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Spring, 2010 Classes and Workshops

Join Rabbi Chava for these in-person and phone in classes this Spring!

Entering Jewish Prayer: Renewal Perspectives - a Phone-In Course

The theologian Louis Finkelstein wrote that when we pray, we talk to G-d. When we study, G-d talk to us. The purpose of this class is to deepen that two-way dialogue by learning some of the core prayers that make up the Jewish liturgy. Too often we pray mechanically, without the deeper kavannaot (focused intentions) that can truly bring our prayer to life.

In this monthly phone in class, we will explore prayers from the daily service (also said on Shabbat) from a Renewal perspective, including their theology, origins and mystical perspectives.
Readings will be sent in advance (in PDF form) and participants can phone in from the convenience of home.

Classes will also be recorded. Classes are free to members of Makom Shalom and just $18 per session for non-members.

Makom Members click here & put the class date in the subject line.

Advance registration for each class is required.

Dates/Topics - all classes meet at 8 PM Central Time/9 PM Eastern

Past Classes:
What is Prayer? A Renewal Perspective

The World of Blessings

The Sh'ma and Its Blessings

6/17 The Amidah